Alterra Impact Finance GmbH is a Swiss-based investment advisory firm and consultant for social impact investments and enterprises.  Established in 2011, Alterra advises a UK-based impact investment company, in addition to selected clients. For the UK investment partnership, we focus investments on European companies with explicit positive social and environmental impacts. Presently, the partnership is fully invested, and supporting business development activities for its portfolio companies.

We believe that impact investing is an important development that benefits not only enterprises, but investors and society as such.  Therefore, Alterra also supports the emergence of impact investing through education, consulting and industry-related events. Impact investments are now being integrated by leading US and European banks, pension funds, foundations and family offices into traditional investment portfolios.

Alterra’s consulting activities are directed to organizations and enterprises that have meaningful social impact, and generally focus on strategy, market positioning, finance and fund development, and governance.