Alterra Impact Finance GmbH is a Swiss-based advisory firm and investment manager for social impact investments. Alterra is the advisor for an impact investment partnership and structures custom accounts for impact investors. Alterra takes an holistic view and focusses investments on basic necessities for the human being—health, water and food, in addition to responsible consumer goods. Investments are made in Europe or with European domiciled companies.

Investments explicitly include and reward positive externalities- or impact- of an enterprise through patient and supportive equity investments. These positive social and environmental externalities are central to the overall investment focus of Alterra. Impact investments are currently being incorporated into traditional portfolios by leading European and US banks, foundations, family offices and institutional investors.

The green/eco and natural lifestyles and markets of the „cultural creatives“, or LOHAS, is diverse, well established and growing rapidly. Numerous studies attest to the commercial depth of this market segment.

The impact partnership seeks to „do well by doing good“ for both its investors and investee companies.