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Investments focus on health, water and ecological (organic) food/agriculture; three primary areas related to human prosperity and dignity. The investment focus more specifically is on alternative medicine, biological water remediation, and organic and/or bio-dynamic food or agriculture. Alterra includes responsible consumer goods and lifestyle areas into its investment portfolio.

Alterra invests with a long-term perspective with mission-aligned capital in small and medium sized businesses with positive cash flow requiring expansion capital, specializing in identification and business development of privately-held growth-stage companies in our investment sectors. The social and environmental impact of investee companies will be articulated and evaluated through regular assessments and reporting.

Patient capital, and the engagement of an expert advisory and investor network, build and strengthen companies (management, supply chain, production and manufacturing, marketing, distribution and sales). The combination of business/financial discipline and clear social/environmental  impact goals can provide an attractive and powerful resource for investors and social entrepreneurs alike.